Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mage Class: The Wizard

The Wizard has many  traditional magical roots of the rural wise woman or cunning man but is a great deal more learned, coming from middle class and largely urban origins. This is the professional magician who travels cities towns, and villages publicly offering services of a magical nature.

Many a lord or lady who would disdain the rural peasant practitioner might purchase the spells of the Wizard,  which often lie in the realm of Detection, Cure, or Illusion.

Few magical arts lie beyond the expertise of the accomplished Wizard, and many will, eventually, after much patronage and prestige, develop into High Sorcerers, another Mage Class. 

A Wizard may practice Conjuration if above 4th level, but may never use Inscribed Commands. 

Wizards of any level may practice the Peasant mode of Divination while Wizards  of 5th level or higher may use Aristocratic mode Divination as well.

The magic calculation adjustments of a Wizard are as follows:

Absolute Commands Involving Movement or Action: +1

Spells of Illusion: +1

Spells of Curing: +1   

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