Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Black and White Magic in F.W.

In a Fantasy Wargaming campaign, the ascending Christian faith casts all magic in a negative light, since Scripture forbids such practices.

Still, not all magic was equally abhorrent to the medieval mind.

Pagan holdovers of the concept of harmless or beneficial magick carried on to the latest times of these periods.

Such magick is classified for game purposes as White Magick...nature based spells, based on benevolent aims, or, if harmful, directed at evil agencies.

In stark contradiction, Black Magick is, of course, considered as evil, consisting of magical operations pursued solely for personal aggrandizement, vengeful aims, or infernal designs.

In a game of F.W., the difference between White and Black Magick mostly pertains to Piety, a score which affects appeals or Miracles or Divine Intercession. The Christian faith is, in F.W., held as transcendent (such was the medieval mind's eye), so magick is judged accordingly, some consideration being granted as to motive. If White Magick cannot be wholly excused, it is held to be far less worthy of Divine censure than Black Magick...

And of course, their is "Grey Magick" can work out the general idea if one considers the farther sides of the spectrum. 

What this all boils down to is that the Piety Score of a character using White Magick will not suffer the devastating losses associated with the use of Black Magick, giving them far more hope for success should they desire to appeal to Divine aid or intercession.

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