Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mage Class: Cunning Man/Wise Woman

The Cunning Man or Wise Woman is a familiar magic using figure not only in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages but indeed in the mists of antiquity.

A solitary practitioner situated in rural environs, they may be pariahs or hold special esteem in the eyes of the communities where they live and make their

Their magical knowledge comes not from the study of texts and books but as a body of lore passed down through family or clan, usually orally. They often hold primitive or "pagan" beliefs but not always.

They believe that their magic is a result of special relationship to nature and the physical creation immediately around them in a very special sense.

Many mix magick and spell making with a vast store of botanical  and healing lore and are sought for cures for animals and people, wards of protection or spells of love, the banishing of curses and afflictions, and occasionally spells of revenge or retribution, as well as auguries and divination.

In the periods covered by Fantasy Wargaming, they may be enthusiastically accepted, mildly tolerated or held under a cloud of lingering suspicion, depending on the nature of the community they live in and how strong the hold
of the Church is on the minds of the folk therein.

Usually, they will be held in respect until some calamity happens which is attributed to their practices.

Most do not try to hide their calling but a rare few might do so.

Their magic is almost entirely what would be called "White Magic" steeped in folk traditions.

See character creation section for social class strictures upon the Cunning Man
Wise Woman.

The film Sorceress starring Christine Boisson, linked on this blog, is an excellent portrayal of this Mage Class. 

The Wise Woman and Cunning Man are unable to use Inscribed Commands and do not practice Conjuration.

They are restricted to the Peasant mode of Divination

Magic Calculation Adjustments for this Class of Mage are as follows:

Complex Matter: -1

Elemental Matter: -1

Absolute Commands Involving Movement and Action: -1

Spells of Illusion: -1

Spells of Disease and Death: +1

Spells of Curing: +1

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