Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mage Class: Runic Sorcerer

The Runic Sorcerer is the Dark Ages equivalent of the High Sorcerer and for most game purposes, these two (Runic and High Sorcerer) are actually the same Mage Class.

Mostly, only the actual historical period in which you set your game (Dark Ages or Middle Ages) will differentiate.

Runic Sorcerers obviously use  either runes (in the case of Norseblood), Ogham ( in Celtic practitioners) or, in persons of Anglo-Saxon tradition, both runes and Ogham script.

Always from the upper classes. 

For game purposes, the only differences between Runic Sorcerers and High Sorcerers are in the adjustments to Magic Calculations:

Spells of Illusion:  +1

Spells of Curing: In distinction to the High Sorcerer, there are no bonuses for spells of curing gien to the Runic Sorcerer.

In all other respects of specialization, Runic Sorcerers and High Sorcerers are accounted equal. 

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