Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mage Class: Cabalist

This Mage Class belongs exclusively to that game which is set in the High Middle Ages.

The insights and traditions of the Cabalist are inscrutable to the High Sorcerer, let alone the other Mage Classes.

Cabalists possess the clearest view into the workings of the Ethereal Plane of any of the Mage classes, seeking both salvation and magical strength through their esoteric studies.

Their magic is closely related to the hierarchy of angelic and demonic beings, the names of these denizens being essential elements of invocation for assistance from or protection from the same.

Arcane texts, physical disciplines, and  rigorous mental exercises are routine to the Cabalist.

Whether a Mohammedan or a Jew, the price of a Cabalist's simply being a magician is total abhorrence from their own ethnic and religious community, even as ethnicity and religion also assure Christian approbation.

Cabalists are unable to attend religious ceremony and have little Piety.

Cabalists use the Aristocratic mode of Divination.

They may use Inscribed Commands and practice Conjuration. 

Adjustments to the Magic Calculations of Cabalist characters work as follow:

Complex Matter: +2 

Elemental Matter: +2

Absolute Commands Involving Behaviour: +2

Absolute Commands involving Movement and Action: +2

Spells of Protection: +1

Spells of Illusion: +1

Spells of Disease and Death: +1

Spells of Curing: +1


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