Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mage Class: High Sorcerer

The High Sorcerer is a Mage of high social status, either hereditary or gained through patronage and prestige as a Wizard. Their station has permitted them special learning and access to magical texts and histories, not to mention the expensive  tools, implements and habitations,  that are unique to their class.

The occult mysteries and the underlying "WHY" of magic is just as important to them as the magical operations they seek to effect...indeed, perhaps more important. 

Most come from upper urban, clerical, warrior and landowning social backgrounds.

Sorcery and Astrology are constant pursuits alongside their main magical pursuits. They have many magical specializations  and are delvers into the lore and instruction to be found on the Ethereal Plane.

Some are, as far as they are concerned, devoted Christians ( c.f. Issac Newton, John Dee), and others are of a sort exemplified by Faust, wholly desirous of power.

Many are the special counsellor of noble or royal personages.

High Sorcerers practice the Aristocratic mode of Divination.

They can use Inscribed Commands and practice Conjuration.

The Magic Calculation Adjustments of this Mage Class are as follows:

Complex Matter: +1

Elemental matter: +1

Absolute Commands Involving Behaviour: +1

Absolute Commands Involving Movement and Action: +1

Spells of Disease and Death: +1

Spells of Curing: +1 

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