Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mage Class: Witch

The Witch is a coven member and devoted Devil worshipper who will nearly always hide his or her magical skills and beliefs from society at large.

They may be found in any social class, and though they draw from many magical sources and traditions, their magic is most effective as regards compulsion and people. They practice only Black Magick. 

They are most adept at spells of Curing, Disease and Death,  and Absolute Command.

Any other Mage class may join a coven and become a Witch with no loss of the spell specializations of their primary class. 

Witches have traffic with demons and much of their magic is learned directly from the Infernal Powers as well as from other coven members.

Witches may practice only the Peasant mode of Divination.

They may not use Inscribed Commands. Witches above level 4 may use Conjuration. 

The Magic calculation Adjustement for Witches are as follows:

Absolute Commands Involving Behaviour: +1

Absolute Commands Involving Movement and Action: +1

Spells of Protection: -1

Spells of Disease and Death: +2

Spells of Curing: +1


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