Sunday, September 6, 2015

Inception of FW Campaign

The principal feature of this game is that you will create a fictional fantasy character whose personality, wealth and power will be developed by you during the course of adventures your character undertakes in the company of other players controlling  characters of their own conception.

One player, the Game Master, will design the adventures for the other players' characters in the form of illustrations, maps, and detailed notes about the game world and the specific adventure locale...usually some sort of ancient ruin featuring an underworld labyrinth where the characters will face strange monsters, seek out ancient magical relics and golden treasure, and unearth deep secrets long lost.

However, not all adventures will occur in the underground dungeon; some will occur in the vast wilderness or in town, city or village.  You will discover that your character does not exists in a vacuum , but within a world as real as the GM and the players can make it during the games. You can raise your character socially and politically if such is your desire--or pursue whatever personal objectives you desire.

You will play the part of a class of a warrior, a mage or a priest... or the profession of a thief.  Your character will live and adventure in a world drawn from a fantasy setting which, although a fictional "neverwhere" is very much like Western Europe's Dark Ages or Middle Ages.

You will not control every aspect of your character--some of his or her aspects will be determined randomly by the rolls of dice, much as the personal mental,physical and personality characteristics you were born with were also beyond your control.

As in the real world,though you can develop these traits as you progress in age and experience.

Because the intent of the game is that your fantasy character is as real and living as a game can make him or her, the character will have dice-determined scores in personality characteristics which are fixed as by the stars at birth.

These characteristics will influence your character and incline him or her act as the character really would in a given situation...not always as you the player would wish for him or her to act!

 Most of the time, you the player will direct and control your character as though he or she really were you in a fantasy setting, the character obeying your every whim .

At other times, though, when their assigned personality characteristics are matched against certain temptations, challenges and conditions, you will roll dice to determine your character's course of action and you will then have the fun and challenge of playing the role of the character as governed by the dice and fate! After all, the character is not strictly will come to feel he or she possesses something of his or her own will, as if you as the player were some otherworldly influence over a personality who acts mostly as you direct but who sometimes follows a path that surprises you.

And yet you will, for all intents and purposes, be that character during the fact, you will be encouraged to speak and act as the character you play in the adventure!

This, in brief, is what you may expect in a game of Fantasy Wargaming !

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